Joining MMM Global

Affiliate membership with MMM Global is free, however affiliates mustINVEST FUNDS within 36 hours of joining the company.
Order for providing help comes to you in your Personal Office. If you do not complete it within 36 hours, you will be removed from the System!
The MMM Global websites suggests the amount demanded from an affiliate will be between $10 to $10,000.


Justice, kindness and honesty in the modern world are not a myth and fantasy any more, MMM has made them reality!
By joining our forces, TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long live MMM! Long Live Sergei Mavrodi!!!
That anybody continues to invest in Mavrodi’s schemes is nothing short of remarkable.
Here we have a convicted fraudster, pushing the same brand of Ponzi fraud since 1994, only now with BitCoin as the investment vehicle.
Otherwise it’s pretty much the same ideological bullshit Mavrodi originally came up with.
The MMM Global website is littered with “rage against the government” type spiels.
In one video banking customers are referred to as fleas:
Have you watched? Who is it about? About fleas? Or about us? The people who were born in the bank system?
Don’t you sometimes think that you were born for greater things? Not for glass jars, not for the dullness and hopelessness that surrounds you today?
Not to be forced to work hard from morning till evening for somebody else and get miserable pennies for this hard work? And spend all your life on this!
The only life you have, because you won’t get another one!! Never!!!
I’m not here to defend modern banking, but under no circumstances do the shortfalls of the system justify Ponzi fraud. This is the same emotionally manipulative bullshit Mavrodi has been using to rip off victims for years.
There is no formal organization, no legal person in MMM. And of course there is no central bank account, no other activity in any form. Neither close, nor open. There is nothing!
There are only millions and millions of simple participants, simple private persons. And their bank accounts. And nothing more.
MMM is absolutely legal and does not break any laws. Because there are only money transfers between private persons and nothing more.
Mavrodi quite obviously oversees transfers between MMM Global investors throughout the BitCoin ecosystem, with bank accounts under his control attached to these transactions.
Having previously ripped off Russian and US investors, Mavrodi has now set his sights on Asia. Authorities in China and India are unlikely to go after Mavrodi, who is believed to be hiding out in Russia.
Russian law aside, Ponzi schemes are illegal the world over and for good reason. Mavrodi’s past MMM Ponzi scams have generated losses in the billions.
Having only just launched in 2014, MMM Global is still in the “honeymoon” Ponzi phase, pushed along by gullible investors in India and China (both currently Ponzi hotbeds).
I did initially think it strange that so many testimonials featured on the MMM Global website, but later learned investors are credited with a 5% investment bonus if they make a video showing their face. Only a 3% bonus is awarded if it’s voice-only (no face).
The use of BitCoin is immaterial to the fallacy of paying out more than is invested, with MMM Global yet to hit critical mass.

That said it is a given that, dollar for dollar, the liability generated by Mavro points far exceeds available funds.
It is only that affiliates are busy hoarding Mavro points that keeps the scheme from collapsing. Nonetheless, over time as more and more affiliates start putting in sizable daily or weekly withdrawals, there’s still only so much newlyINVESTED FUNDS to go around.
At that point the BTC transfers will go dead. Mavrodi, as he’s done before, will do a runner with whatever he’s been siphoning off the top and go into hiding.
The use of BitCoin guarantees no regulatory agency will be able to clean up the aftermath of the MMM Global bubble bursting, which is pretty worrying.
The good news is the BitCoin community are aware of the potential impact schemes like MMM Global are having on the cryptocurrency industry.
The bad news is currently nobody seems to be able to do anything meaningful about it.

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